Can I book an event at The Tap?

Of course! We do it all of the time. Birthdays, office parties, recruiting socials, Aggie Ring celebrations –  you name it…and there is usually no fee. Call 979-696-7396 Tuesday – Friday from 1:00-4:00 and ask for a manager or email us at thetapcontact@gmail.com

Do you rent out The Tap?

First, we encourage a SEMI-private gathering for no fee. You have a dedicated area but The Tap is still open to the public. IF a full rental is desired, there is a “To Be Determined” hourly rate with a 4 hour minimum and a bar sales guarantee, all depending on the event/function and availability. Sorry, we are not a “rent a room”  so we cannot NOT consider “only beer and wine” or “no bar” functions.

What’s the story for BANDS?

Any contact here will be forwarded to “booking” from this email administrator. The Tap does less than 20 full band shows a year.  We wish we could do so many more.  So picking the right band for the nights selected for music is important.  We like to “hand pick” our bands via our own research, word of mouth, agent input, etc. but we understand you need to communicate to feel you are getting somewhere.  Booking is NOT done at the venue so phone calls to the venue are fruitless.  Please send your information to thetapcontact@gmail.com as band info gets forwarded to booking where it will be considered fairly for a Tap fit. (Sorry, but replies are not usually sent as it opens unending dialogues). The bands and songwriters are solicited by booking with an offer in hand and then agreements are made. Other options in this area are The Dixie Chicken and Hurricane Harrys.  Good luck!

I was thinking about applying for a job?

Please come on by, we are always looking for good people!  You must be TABC certified and have a Health Card.  Apply only Tuesday-Friday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Do NOT email us if we are hiring…not going to impress anybody that way and we will not answer.